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                                                                                        2 Rec du Buga de Nargou, 11350 Tuchan,  FRANCE  •  verosimar@mac.comwww.verosimar.com

                                                                                                                           tel: +33 (0)4 68 48 93 51





I am an autodidact visual artist, but I have searched for my artistic independence by earning my living via other means than by selling art. So, instead of selling my soul, I sold my time; but that way I also achieved good mastery in various personal fields of interest.



Fluently read, spoken and written languages: French, Spanish, and English



See ART RESUME (http://verosimar.com/artresume.html)





-MAY 85-MAR 87        re-habilitation project of the PLAZA MAYOR of Antigua for the PRESIDENCIA DE LA

                                    REPUBLICA de GUATEMALA and the CONSEJO NACIONAL PARA LA PROTECCIÓN DE  

                                    LA ANTIGUA, GUATEMALA: never built, the funds for it having vanished!


-FEB 87-AUG 87         Project for low-income ecological housing WITH and FOR the

   people of the slum of Mezquital, Guatemala CD.



-MAY84-JUN 84           international contest for the project of Archeological Park of Borobudur, INDONESIA.




-1982-1984                   various publications

                                     for les Editions du Musée des Sciences et Techniques de LA VILLETTE, PARIS and the IFA      

                                     (Institut Français d’Architecture)


-ABR 83-OCT 83          Consultant in programming for the Musée des Sciences et

     Techniques de LA VILLETTE



-MAR -JUN 83              lectures on solar passive architecture and wood construction in the US UPA1-BEAUX-  

                                     ARTS, PARIS           


-AUG 82-NOV 82         trainee for the pioneer of solar passive architecture



-1976-1981                  various private house projects

-FEB 79-MAR 79         contest for the re-habilitation of the center of the town of ANGERS, FRANCE






2011-12                   re-writer for TROPENBOS DRCongo,


2010                        translator  (Fr->En) for AAAprod, Paris,FRANCE


2009-2010               coordinator, animator, writer and translator for the NGO CLUB QUETZAL Mont de Marsan, FRANCE


2007-2008               production assistant, subtitling and translations of documentaries for MAYAMEDIA CORPORATION, NYC, USA


-2006-2002              translations from Spanish to French for UNICEF Guatemala


-1987-2004              general manager of SERVICIOS INTERNACIONALES MARAVILLA S.A. tour operator (GUATEMALA)


-2000-2001             general coordinator of PAYASOS SIN FRONTERAS  (CLOWNSSANS FRONTIERES -    

                                Spanish branch) in Central America


-1978-1986             Economics teacher for the Centre National d’Éducation à Distance (CNED-FRANCE)           


-1976                      translator from English to French of the US best-seller “Passages” by Gail Sheehy            

                               ed. BELFOND, PARIS


-1973-1976             translator from English to French for the market research company FROST &SULLIVAN

                               (NYC, USA)


-1971-1976             French teacher for the NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, NYC, USA




OCT 29th 1985       Architect’s degree certified by the French government (“architecte DPLG”)


1975-1984              PARIS:

                               UP1-Beaux-Arts: studies in architecture, majors in:

                               -Solar passive architecture

                               -Cultural spaces

                               -Urbanism in the « Third World »


1971-1975              NEW YORK:

                               NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH-Language Department

                               Seminars in foreign language teaching


1965-1969              PARIS

                               INSTITUT d’ÉTUDES POLITIQUES, major in business


1963-64                  FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT, EEUU

                               AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE scholarship

                               ANDREW WARDE HIGH SCHOOL,

                               Senior year (high honors)


1958-1965                        TOURS, France

                               LYCEE BALZAC

                               Baccalaureate in philosophy (High Honors)




If you wish to contact the following persons, say which and you will receive their contact info


Dr. Charlotte Benneker

Programme director, Tropenbos International

(English, Dutch)


Vincent Simon

Human Rights Officer  OACUNDH Guatemala

(English, French, Spanish)


Gladys Acosta Vargas 

Former UNICEF-GUATEMALA  Director         

(English, French, Spanish))


Luis Argueta

Chief executive of MAYAMEDIA Corporation

(English, Spanish)