JUN 2016                  homage to 5 artist women who were leaders in bringing new artforms  in art biennials  

NO11-AP12              artist in residence at the castle of  TROUSSE-BARRIERE in BRIARE-LE-CANAL, FRANCE

APR  2007                invited to the 5th BIENAL DE CENTRO AMERICA,

                                 San Salvador, Salvador

MAY 2006                GLIFO DE ORO (first prize) for the video diptych “addiction 1+2”

                                 14th BIENAL DE ARTE PAIZ, Guatemala City

MAY  2004                Mención Honorífica (High Honors) for the installation “sin palabras” (No Comment)

                                 13th BIENAL DE ARTE PAIZ, Guatemala City.

MAY  2000                Mención Honorífica (High Honors) for the sculptural object “piedra filosofal” (Philosopher’s Stone)

                                  Mención Honorífica (High Honors) for th installation “un poco de aire” Air Please)

12th BIENAL  DE ARTE PAIZ, Guatemala City.

MAY  1998                GLIFO DE ORO (first prize)  for “el destino del poeta” ( The Fate of the Poet)

                                 11th BIENAL DEARTE  PAIZ

JUN –DIC  96           artist in residence in the castle of  TROUSSE-BARRIERE in BRIARE-LE-CANAL, FRANCE

JUN  1994                guest lecturer for the conference on ANGER IN ART,

                                 organized by the PATRONATO DE BELLAS ARTES, Guatemala City.

FEB   1991               selected by the MID AMERICAN ARTS ALLIANCE for a scholarship in the US. Unfortunately, I could not finally qualify, for 

                                 lack of Guatemalan citizenship

ONE PERSON SHOWS and undertakings

AUG 2018               “7 capital values”, an intervention of videos in windowshops pf El PASEO DE LA SEXTA, for the Festival Cutural de la Muni,

                                Guatemala City.

MAR-APR 2018      “36 stations of meditation”. Installation on the campus of Rafael landivar’sU , Guatemala City.

MAR 2018               “the unbearable seriousness of the artist” (“l’insoutenable gravité de l’artiste”) installation in Sol del Río gallery, Guatemala,

JUL-SEP 2017        “36 stations of meditation”. Installation in Tuchan and Palairac’s streets, France.

JUL-SEP 2016        - “paroles en l’air”. On Tuchan’s main plaza, France.

                                - “les allumés, les allumettes” Creation of the non profit association, dedicated to circulate contemporary art in rural spheres


AUG 2014                “intense douceur”, at Cave du Mont Tauch, Tuchan, France.

MAY 2009                “full silence” at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE, Guatemala City.

JAN 2006                 curator for CHANCE* a collective show of artists of Guatemala in SOMARTS , San Francisco, USA.

MAY 2005“durante la erupción”,  (During the eruption) tar monotypes in gallery LA FÁBRICA, Guatemala City.

MAY-SEPT 03         “el viaje de los abuelos”  (Our ancestors’ Trip),

instalation and performance in the MUSEO  NACIONAL DE ARTE MODERNO CARLOS MERIDA, Guatemala City.

OCT 2002                “el libro del amor”  (The Love Book), interactive  poetry installation in COLLOQUIA, Guatemala City and in AVANT-GARDES gallery in NYC, USA.

JAN  2001                “tres minutos de silencio” (Three Minutes of Silence), intervention audio-tape asking for 3 min. of silence  for all the forgotten

                                 ones in a collective of contemporary artists in gallery SOL DEL RIO, Guatemala City.

MAY 2000                “humor blanco” (White Humor) sculptural objets in gallery EL ATTICO, Guatemala City.

SEPT 1998               “l’huile, la suie et le goudron” (Oil, Soot and Tar),

bi-dimensional works of these 3 techniques in LA MINOTERIE in  Mont-de Marsan, France

MAR  1997                “el papel y yo” (Paper and I) in Gallery SOL DEL RIO, Guatemala City.

OCT  1996                “les cent nuits du tigre” (The 100 Nights of the Tiger).Installation  of 8 unique artists books, as part of  the 3èmes

                                  Rencontres Internationales de Poésie. in the Town Hall of LECTOURE (France),

MAY  1996                “las cien noches del tigre” (The 100 Nights of the Tiger) Publication of  my second book of poetry. Guatemala City.

DEC  1996                “rojo” (Red) in gallery ARTE & INVERSION, Guatemala  City.

APR  1994                “sangre de arboles” (Tree Blood). Publication of my first poetry book. Guatemala City.

APR  1994                “viva la poesia!” (Long Live Poetry!). Limited edition of posters illustrating five Guatemalan poets, for the

  ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE, Guatemala City, to be part of  an itinerant exhibit through Latin America.

JUL  1993                “ las pinturas hablan” (The Paintings Are Talking), in gallery EL SITIO, Antigua, Guatemala.

MAY  1993                “las pinturas hablan”, in gallery SOL DEL RIO, Guatemala City.

MAR  1992              “¡500 ya!”   (500 already!)   Sol Del RÍo, Guatemala CD.

                                  “cadavres exquis” (Exquisite Corpses) to be exhibited in IGA, but CENSURED before the opening. Guatemala.

OCT  1991                “reciclajes” (Recycling) in the IGA. Objects. Guatemala City.

MAY  1989                “memorias  de francia” (Memories of France). Photos,

  as part of the bicentenial commemoration  activities of the French Revolution, in  gallery FORUM, Guatemala City.

MAR  1988                “el rio de la pasión” (The Passion River). A 31-meter long  pastel drawing depicting life along the homonymous river from         

                                  dawn to dusk. In IGA  (Guatemalan-American Institute), Guatemala.

JUN   1986                “momentos paradisíacos”  (Moments in Paradise), 21   pastel drawings on large particle boards,

                                   in IGA (Instituto  Guatemalteco  Americano), Guatemala CD.


JUN 2018                “ A European Goose Game”, a giant playful and pedagogical game. With LES ALLUMÉS, LES ALLUMETTES, for the    

                                RENDEZ-VOUS AUX JARDINS, a national event of interventions in gardens, in Tuchan, France

JUN  2017              “surprise in the gardens” (“surprise aux Jardins”), event w/ flower sculpture of headless woman (for photos behind). With LES

                                 ALLUMÉS, LES ALLUMETTES, for the RENDEZ-VOUS AUX JARDINS, a national intervention in gardens, in Tuchan, France

2015                        “El Sueño Interrumpido” (Broken Sleep) · Galería Guatemala Fundación G&T Continental — Opening of Guatemala City as

                                ‘Ibereoamerican Culture Capital’ for 2015

                                 “l’art caché” (The Hidden Art), curated by Eurocultures, in Albas, France

                                “captura de aire” in OBJETO/ESPACIO curated by Gabriel Rodriguez, Stefan Benchoam y Jorge de León para Proyecto      

                                 UltraVioleta, Guatemala CD.

2013                   “Tacto-con-Tacto”, Casa del Río, La Antigua Guatemala

           “Leszarts chez nous”, Bonnafous, Villesèque des Corbières, France

                   “Fête du Patrimoine”, Espace Sirven, Paziols, Francia

           “Después del Genocidio”, Plataforma de Arte Actual, Guatemala

2011-12                    artist’s residency in Trousse-Barrière, Briare-le-Canal, France

2008                         “Horror Vacui” in CCE ( Centro Cultural de España), Guatemala City

                                 100, Managua, Nicaragua

2006                        V BIENAL DEL ISTMO CENTROAMERICANO, Museo Marte, San Salvador

                                XV Bienal de Arte PAIZ , Guatemala CD.

                    “chance*”. SomArts, San Francisco, USA.

JUL 2005                 “InviSible” for ARMEDESARME, curado por José Osorio, in Correos, Guatemala Cd.

OCT  2004               “¿dónde está el alma?” (Where is the Soul?) itinerant and interactive installation  for the collective GUATERICA 

in the “National Gallery of EL MUSEO DEL NIÑO, San José, Costa Rica

ABR  2004               “ logros morales de la humanidad en el último milenio” (Moral Achievements of Humanity during the past Millenium),           

                                 artist book for the collective of artists books curada por Rosina Cazali in CENTRO  CULTURAL ESPAGNOL,  Guatemala City.

OCT  2002               “el hilo de Ariadna”  (Arian’s Thread), interactive performance–installation  on poetry, in the whole city, for the Poetry Festival EL CADEJO, Guatemala  City.

APR  2002               “mais où donc est notre âme ? » (But Where on Earth is the  Soul ?) itinerant and interactive installation for the PARIS-SAN FRANCISCO EXCHANGE in gallery  Vieux Colombier, Paris, France.

FEB  2002               “soul search” itinerant and interactive installation  for the  PARIS-SF EXCHANGE,  in SOMARTS, San Francisco, USA.

JUL  2001                “el alma” (the soul): itinerant and interactive installation  opening in ANTIGUA Guatemala on July 8th ,

                                 and in Paziols, France on July 27th.

OCT 2000                “el almuerzo en la hierba” (Lunch on the grass): 4 performances for the city festival  OCTUBRAZUL, Guatemala City.

JUL  2000                “el llanto de la mujer  blanca” (The Cry of the White Woman), a 12 minute-text on audio-tape for a collective  show of            

                                 contemporary artists of Guatemala in the CABILDO de FUERTE VENTURA, Canarias, Spain.

JAN  2000                “la alegría de vivir”  (The Joy of Life), interactive installation for the show PAR EN TESIS, del Proyecto de Arte  Independiente               

                                 PAI), in LA CASA de TÉ , Guatemala City.

MAR  1999               “milpa in the sky”, or “¡Buenos Días, Señor Asturias! (Corn field in the Sky, or Good Morning Mr. Asturias , installation for the collective  show  “SIN PELOS  EN LA LENGUA”, of  the group PAI, in Edificio Mini, Guatemala City.

JAN  99-2005            “el deseo” (The Wish)  for WOMEN  BEYOND BORDERS, California’s world-wide traveling exhibit.

NOV  1998                “el llanto de la mujer blanca” (The Cry of the White Woman), installation  with poems on sound-track for the collective     

                                  show “SIN TITULO” of the group PAI, in Edificio Mini, Guatemala City.

JUL-AGO  1996        “rouge” (Red), 17  collages of oil paintings for  a collective of former artists in residency in the CASTLE OF TROUSSE-

                                  BARRIÈRE, Briare-le-Canal, France.


DEC  97-JUN 98      “como nieve” , mixed media , y libro de artista for a Collective of artists of Guatemala  in the  THE CHRYSLER BUILDING,

                                 NYC, USA.

DEC  1995                “noche de boda” (Wedding Night), paper work in  gallery SOL DEL RIO’ s  year’s end collective. Guatemala

APR  1994 “sangre de arboles” (Tree Blood), installation,  performances and poetry for the collective  “INDAGACIONES” (Searches),

                                in gallery SOL DEL RIO, Guatemala City.

DEC  1994 “pequeños paseos en el infierno” (Small Walks Through Hell), paintings,,for “ADIOS a 1994” in EL TUNNEL  Guatemala


Public Collections

-Museo  Nacional de Arte Moderno Carlos Merida, Guatemala City

-Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, Guatemala City

Private Collections

-Collection of Hugo Quinto, Guatemala Cd.

-Collection of Sandra Monterroso, Guatemala Cd.

-Collection of Mr. Vincent Simon, Bogota, Colombia

-Collection of  Mr. and  Mrs.  Terrence Timmerman, Denver, Co,USA

-Collection of  Mr. James Foster , USA

-Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Feldman, USA

-Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Jon R.J. Dunn, Guatemala City

-Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Mario Arriola, Mexico City

-Collection of Ms. Romarique Timmerman, Brooklyn NY, USA

-Collection of Mr.and Mrs Thillard, France

-Collection of Ms. Meany, Guatemala City

-Collection of Lourdes de la Riva, Guatemala City

-Collection of Patricia Noblet, France

-Collection BINET-AVENA, Goiânia, Brazil


  1. -SANGRE DE ÁRBOLES, 1994, Sol del RÍO, Guatemala CD. Poems

  2. -LAS CIEN NOCHES DEL TIGRE / LES CENT NUITS DU TIGRE, 1996, bi-lingual edition fr. esp.. Poems

  3. -EL LLANTO DE LA MUJER BLANCA, 1998, audio-tape.  19 Poems told by me


                    art resumé

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