Guardian mothers of your people,

thank you for the rekindled faith,

for the cloud of glory,

for the hope, your fairy gift.

You are our smile

we need it so much,

aching people that we are,

people of burning dreams,

of angers turned into tears.

You carry us on your frail shoulders

all the way up to the stars in the sky.

Today you are the queens of the world

and we will carry you in our memory

as strong glowing embers for the days that are black,

and as kernels  of corn for the days of hunger.

APRENDIENDO LENGUAS (Learning tongues)


pastel chalk diptych

1.8 m x 2.50 m

in this picture, a poem is hidden : it is a prayer to the 2 women winners of the Nobel Prize por peace, Rigoberta Menchú y Helen Mack, a prayer to support them in their protección of the people of Guatemala