Oh! Please, give us a tomb!  

A tomb for our souls,

we plead you,

we implore you,

dear God,

dear people,

dear brothers,

little brothers and little sisters,

give us a tomb,

a safe tomb,

with a shroud made of sweetness,

a place to console us,

a nice place,

to erase the infamy,

a beautiful tomb for us!

for our poor bodies,

so sore,

and tough,

from that volcanic lime!

THE WISH (El deseo)


japanese paper, lace, tiny  indigenous dolls, poem.

Variable dimensions

In 99 they started discovering clandestine graves, deep into the ground, all of civil war victims (Indigenous people all of them), and their survivors started to claim their right to find their families and burry them properly, a cause  for which I had a lot of empathy