THE UNBEARABLE GRAVITY OF THE ARTIST (L’insoutenable gravité de l’artiste)  2018

An installation in Gallery Sol del Río,  that impeached visitors to get into the most emblematic of the exhibition rooms of the collective show — unless they climbed over the edges of my piece, which was difficult— a way to tell about barriers and walls of all sorts, which cannot be crossed, although not completely impossible...

The funny part is that absent-minded persons  stepped in it inadvertently, thinking may be it was a hard surface, and they got their shoes and feet pretty wet before stepping out quickly (photos are missing on these funny parts...)

Deborah Duflón, a Guatenalan artist, went in on purpose, but then was left, when she meant to get out, with the anguishing question: “ and now what?” because her feet were wet, and she did’nt dare to walk around wetting the floors...