THE TRIP OF THE GRANDPARENTS   (El viaje de los abuelos)                         2002

terra cotta, corozo  pods, string  and  crêpe  paper

variable dimensions, approx. 33 ft x 5 ft

Memorial for all the dead  of  the civil  war  in Guatemala (!960-1996)         

Inspired by the lack of any memorial whatsoever to the dead of the Civil War in Guatemala (1960-1996), and also by antique Mayan funeral scenes of    

the passing to the Underworld. (Mayan-descent Indigenous people of Guatemala were the most affected by the civil war)

war is over

but there has never been

a place

in memory of the dead,

to remember,

to remember them

there has not yet been

a final period

to this immense grave,

a final period

for this foolish