MILPA IN THE SKY  or  GOOD MORNING, MISTER  ASTURIAS !                    1999

           earth and corn

           30’ x 12’

I meant to please  the construction  workers  of the building  where I had just presented  « The Cry of the White Woman ». Please  these  people with the scent of what could remind them the two essentials of their culture : earth  and  corn.  It was also  the opportunity  to pay tribute  to Miguel Angel Asturias  who had  so  admirably  written  on their  world  in his « People of  the Corn », and whose  centenary  was  being commemorated . The exhibit  started  with corn kernels, and, with the tender  care  of  these  workers,  grew  up to  2 ft. by the end of the show 3 weeks  later.  It was a bit like bringing the country to a 10th floor  in the very  center  of  the  big city.